Amity Kennels offers dog and cat boarding for pampered house pets. Let your special friend spend his / her vacation in Amity's air-conditioned and heated comfort. Please be prepared to bring some of your pets belongings to create a home-like atmosphere. We require proof of current rabies, distemper and bordatella for dogs. Bordatella is only good for 6 months. Cats will need proof of rabies and distemper.

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paw Cats are kept in a separate facility in the owners home.

paw Each Cat is given one hour in an exercise room each day.

paw Dogs are walked or carried outside 3-5 times per day and placed in a run.

paw We have indoor doggy play areas for inclement weather of additional exercise.

paw Amity is the only area kennel where the owner's residence is attached to the kennel.

paw We care for any dogs or cats on medications.

paw We give insulin injections and offer post operative care and bandage changing.

paw Doggy day care available.

paw All pets are fed twice daily, unless otherwise requested.

paw We provide food for your dog or cat unless he / she is on a prescription diet.

paw Call about our "free" days.

paw Phone: 218-525-1108