Tips For Boarding

paw Do bring your shot records: Rabies, Distemper-combo and Bordatella for dogs and Rabies, feline distemper for cats.

paw Do bring something with the smell from the home: Blanket, bone toy, etc.

paw Do call with any last minute questions before you come to minimize check-in time.

paw Don't create a traumatic experience for your dog by bringing the family. Generally one person reduces the excitement level.

paw Don't say goodbye to your dog. Most dogs know that means they may not see you again.

paw Every dog is walked back and forth to its run at least 3 times a day.

paw Cats are individually exercised for one hour per day in a separate building, indoors.

paw Dogs are fed twice daily and cats once daily, unless otherwise requested. We provide food unless your pet is on a prescription diet.

paw Dogs left more than 4 days are brushed and given extra playtime.

paw For your convenience, we offer "Free Days". If you bring in your pet to the kennel between 8p.m. and 9p.m. you will not be charged for that day. Please exercise you pet before coming as we will be putting your pet to bed. If you pick up your pet before 9a.m., you will not be charged for that day. After 9a.m., you will be charged for the day. Keep in mind, we are open at 8a.m., seven days a week. Click here to see our business hours.

paw Please ask about our special services: pick-up and delivery, medications, insulin shots, teeth brushing, trips to your veterinarian, convalescent care and more.

paw Do fax your records to us ahead of time. Doing so can save last minute delays. (call to be sure we received them) Fax: 218-525-4671 anytime.