Tips for Having your Dog Groomed

paw DON'T FEED the morning of you dog's appointment. The heat of the dryer and the warm water may make your dog ill.

paw DON'T BRING YOUR DOG WET if possible. Clippers will not go through a wet coat.

paw We charge for the time your dog is worked on, therefore charges may vary from visit to visit.

paw Studies show that jumpy dogs are injured more easily than relaxed ones. Therefore, here, each dog gets several rest periods. This means more time away from home, but this is less stressful and safer for your dog.

paw Matted dogs are prone to injury from either clipping (where the groomer cannot see through the fur), or from brush burn (a condition where skin becomes pink from the extra brushing required).

paw Clipper burns often occur later and are caused by the irritation from trying to clip a wet coat, a moving dog, or on a dog with dry skin. Baby oil or bactin can soothe this.

paw Ideally, nails are trimmed as close as possible to the quick to inhibit natural growth. Sometimes, in the excitement of going home, a nail can start to bleed. Corn starch, quick stop, or steptic pencil will stop the bleeding.

paw If you can't pick your dog before 5:30 p.m., you may pick them up between 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. with a $5.00 late charge added to the grooming price. We offer water and exercise for your dog.

paw Please keep in mind that to achieve "your look" for you dog, it may take more than one visit.

paw Any questions? Don't hesitate to call  218-525-1108. Please leave a message after hours.